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FLMI February Prayer Report

February 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Ezekiel 22:30-31; Isaiah 59:14-16a

Our February prayer welcomed two new intercessors to the FLMI Prayer House – making for a 3-fold cord. To encourage our new intercessors, I introduced the two Scriptures above and we learned the following:

First of all, God revealed his heart toward intercessors.
Secondly, the power of godly intercession is made clear.
Thirdly, God has compassion even for the rebellious.
Fourthly, one willing intercessor is an army with God.

Very early in their walk with God, both Gideon and David learned that it’s not the number of people, but the heart that counts with God.

After reading and reviewing the entire chapter (not just the focus verses), we felt the heart of God toward His people even when they were in the deep darkness of sin, rebellion, and idolatry. Although there was no intercessor to be found, God did not utterly destroy them, but sent a remnant into captivity.

We were refreshed by what we read and the promises of God that He is the same “today, yesterday and forever;” that His compassion fails not – being renewed every morning. Experiencing the fresh oil of the Holy Spirit, and getting a renewed vision of the godly intercessor’s prayer-work, we began to cry out on behalf of FLMI leadership circle and intercessors everywhere: For encouragement, increased strength, increased faith, and increased finance.

For courage to continue the good fight of faith; for the courageous faith of the nameless woman with the issue of blood; for the “great” faith of the centurion; and for the “wait on the Lord to the death” faith of old Simeon and Old Anna.

Understanding God’s heart for intercessors, we lifted up our government leaders, as well as all the leaders of the world. We prayed that those nation representatives that visit D.C. would in turn go out and touch other nations. We also prayed that our prayer houses in D.C. and Dublin would continue to glorify God.

We acknowledge that our nation and indeed our world are also in a time of deep darkness of sin and rebellion, when leaders, both church and secular, are calling wrong right and right wrong. We know also that God is still looking for intercessors. So be encouraged FLMI-ers and be renewed. He has called, chosen and prepared us spiritually, physically, and emotionally to do this peculiar, and sometimes lonely prayer-work. Jesus, our Great Intercessor, is our model and still looks out for us.

To God Be the Glory.

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